I have been making gunstocks for over 40 years. I have made gunstocks for all types of  shotguns and  rifles, over the years. You want it, I will make it!

Not only do I make gunstocks, I also do repairs and replacements of all types; buttpads, checkering, refinishes, and much, much more. All made to measure, of course.

With my new measuring gun we can find your exact measurements and make or repair your gun to fit you comfortably. With an adjustable comb and an adjustable butt pad mechanism, we can find the right measurement that suits you.

If you want to have a go at making your own, I can supply you with a walnut blank.

You can contact me at patsludds@gmail.com or, call me on 087  6904289

Located – Wexford, Rep. of Ireland. 

Some Comments from Customers – Thanks for your feedback



5 thoughts on “About Pat Sludds

  1. Dear Pat,
    I have been told that your work is of unrivaled quality and I am wondering would you be able to help me out.
    I have a Lanber 2077 O/U 12G shotgun, there is a few marks on the stock and the forearm (Light scratches) that I would like to get removed. Also the barrels could do with re-bluing and the reciever just next to the lever has a scratch on the metal work there.
    Would you be able to sort these out for me, there nothing major. Most people would live with them, but its my first ever gun and plan on keeping it for life and want to keep it looking well.
    I could send you pictures of the pieces Im on about if you want them.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Mark Dennehy

  2. Hi Pat
    I have a browning 425 sporter and I’m considering having an adjustable cheek piece fitted. What sort of money would you be talking about?

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